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Leadership law enforcement training - Joe Serio speaking
Leadership training

We provide the kind of police training that changes lives—our engaging, interactive leadership classes start a conversation among the participants and get them thinking about why they do what they do and how to make changes where they’re needed.

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Leadership academy

Our unique ten-month Leadership Academy takes your officers on a deep exploration of themselves so they can develop an attitude of 100% responsibility for their own lives, then we teach them how to lead others.

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Intensive retreats

Send your staff to law enforcement training for up to a week in an environment that enables them to not only deeply absorb the leadership skills or stress management skills they’re learning but also put them into practice more effectively.

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The challenges of leadership

Let us teach your officers how to lead themselves and others through common challenges of the job
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We provide leadership training that helps your officers to improve themselves as individuals—because that’s what your department is made of. Our law enforcement training inspires integrity on all levels and supports emotional survival. We cover a variety of topics including leadership, communication, time management, managing personal finances, public speaking, and more.

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Thought leadership for Chiefs and Sheriffs

The #1 Tool for Getting Rid of Drama in Your Department


Officer attitudes and communication on the streets and in-house drives drama. Read about powerful tools that will help them change their habits.

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The Key to Becoming an Effective Leader


Many officers lack the critical component to be a leader, which impacts promotions, succession planning, problem-solving, and morale.

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The #1 Reason Your Officers Don’t Get What They Want


When officers have more of what they need and want, they will be less distracted and more focused at work and at home. Help them stop self-sabotage.

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Where we fit in

The key points in your officers’ careers for developing their leadership skills
  • Hiring

    New officers go to the Academy and then are guided by an FTO to gain tactical skills for the job.

  • Our Finances training

    Soon after hiring, officers need to start thinking about the end of their career. Proper planning for retirement starts here, and it will reduce stress throughout their career.

  • Our Leadership training

    During their first 5 years, teach officers that leadership starts with them; give them the skills for responsibility, integrity, and emotional survival.

  • Next career step

    After 5-15 years, officers start to decide what they want to do in your department.

  • Our Leadership Academy

    This in-depth training refines officers’ self-leadership and preps them to lead teams—perfect for officers who are struggling, those in line for promotion, and new supervisors.

Law Enforcement Survival Toolkit

Leadership. Retirement. Health. Time. Speaking. Courage.
law enforcement fitness training police wellness book - Getting Healthy: 50 Lessons on Fitness for Law Enforcement
police retirement book - Leaving Blue: 50 Lessons on Retiring Well from Law Enforcement
managing 911 dispatcher stress book - Dispatcher Stress: 50 Lessons on Beating the Burnout
Time Mangement book - Time Management: 50 Lessons on Finding Time for What’s Important

“I’ve gone through a total transformation both mentally and physically that I could not have achieved without the help of Getting Healthy: 50 Lessons on fitness for Law Enforcement.”


 — Lee Stephenson, Texas City Police Department