A female police officer in the night during her shift with her patrol car in the background.



Offer your personnel and officers trainings that change their lives—from leadership, positive interaction with difficult people, or how to manage their personal finances and retire well from the job. We provide tools that help your officers reduce stress, show up better at work, and serve the public more effectively.





Leadership is developed from the inside out. Our unique ten-month Leadership Academy starts off by taking your officers on a deep exploration of their assumptions, perceptions, emotional intelligence, fears, and decision making so that they can develop an attitude of 100% responsibility for their own lives before they set out to lead others. Once they’ve built that foundation, they’re ready for the modules that focus on teaching them to lead.


two policemen in front of flag



It’s critical for your officers and personnel to recharge their batteries and get exposure to new ideas. These week-long retreats in a relaxed setting help your team take a deep dive on a variety of topics offered throughout the year, including leadership, professional development, effective supervision, law enforcement interaction with the mentally ill, and more.





When your law enforcement association holds conferences, you want your audience to be entertained, engaged, and excited to be there. Our leadership keynote presentations are energetic, thought-provoking, and impactful—they’ll get your attendees talking about how great their experience was.

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